Our COVID-19 Policy at the Dollhouse Museum

Dear Patrons,

Many of you have kindly inquired about a reopening date for the Museum. Unfortunately, Covid numbers have continued to escalate and we remain in a holding pattern.

The Museum is not able to comply with public health rules formulated to keep you— and us— safe during the pandemic. Both the exhibition hall and retail store have permanently fixed display aisles of only 4 feet in width, and it is not possible to facilitate 6-foot personal distances. Nor can we create one-way traffic patterns, due to the maze-like configuration of our exhibits. Finally, we are not able to disinfect all surfaces people are likely to touch; there are far too many.

Our patron base is largely made of seniors, who must be protected especially well, and young children, who, in spite of all supervision, tend to move around and touch many objects and surfaces. In addition, we are a family-run museum, and I am just at the age that our state government has recommended delay returning to work.

It is an emotional and financial hardship to have the Museum closed, and I know all of you are tired of waiting, as well. We count ourselves fortunate to be able to weather this storm. I can hardly express how eager I am to be back behind my desk, greeting patrons and helping all of you with your miniatures questions and needs.

Wishing health and well-being to you and your families during these difficult times, I look forward to seeing you again.

Lori Kagan-Moore, Director