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Exhibits at the Dollhouse Museum

Interconnected Displays Tell an Ongoing Story


Which house is hosting a wedding reception?  In which boarding school for boys is a fight starting?  Who is late for the wedding reception?  You’ll never know unless you walk around the block peeking into the open backs of the houses!

dollhouse museum farm

Hattie Lincoln feeds the chickens outside her front porch.

A Collection of Distinct Neighborhoods

Mansion District

The mercado hums with activity as villagers buy, sell, and dine at the taqueria. 

market street dollhouse

The shops on Market Street feature a rich array of miniature goods.

Everyday Interactions and a Few Surprises

Dollhouse Sewers

Gabriel “helps” Isabel prepare for dinner hour at the taqueria.

at the dollhouse museum

What is in the letter that is being handed off? Perhaps there are clues in the other rooms?

dollhouse housewife

LaVerne Sullivan’s Time Out For the Soaps rekindles the depression era, when radio brought the outside world into a woman’s kitchen.

dollhouse tobacco bales

The Museum commissioned artist Bernadine Austin to create authentic tobacco and baskets for the miniature Copper Hollow Tobacco Warehouse at the end of town.

dollhouse baking

Rachel Lincoln bakes bread while Josie rocks the baby to sleep.


John Freeman is a softie, and his dog Ginger takes full advantage.

Contemporary Artisan Miniatures

Dollhouse Gilt Chairs

18th century French style gilt console table and armchairs by John Hodgson.


Original room box by Brooke Tucker.

at the dollhouse museum

Glass conservatory by Linda Young (Lady Jane).

Dollhouse Sewers

Chest of drawers by Tony Jones.

at the dollhouse museum

Nicole Walton Marble bed, dressed by Judee Williamson.

dollhouse quilt

Hand stitched crazy quilt by unknown artist. 6” x 6"

Antique and Historical Miniatures

Dollhouse Sewers

19th c. German and French furniture.

at the dollhouse museum

French furniture by Paul Leonhardt c. 1920.